Lintel Replacement

Cheema Builders offers lintel replacement services for buildings that require it. Lintels are important structural elements that support the weight of the building above openings such as doors and windows. Over time, lintels can become damaged or weakened, which can compromise the structural integrity of the building. Cheema Builders can assess the condition of your lintels and replace them if necessary, ensuring the safety and stability of your building. Contact Cheema Builders for professional lintel replacement services.


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    What is a Lintel?

    Firstly, we need to explain what a lintel is. A lintel is a type of structural support that is designed to hold the weight of the building above windows and doors. Lintels can be made of different types of material, depending on the age of the property, such as brick, steel, concrete, or timber.

    In older properties, the lintels are made out of timber, stone, or steel, while most modern buildings are constructed with steel or concrete lintels.

    Identifying for Lintel Damage

    Identifying a faulty or damaged lintel doesn’t always require the services of a structural engineer to check the lintel’s condition. A good indicator that your lintel is faulty is that there will be vertical or diagonal cracks appearing above the door or window. Where there are cracks, they should not extend more than the width of a door or window.

    Different Types of Lintels That can Become Damaged

    As already described, your property can have different types of lintels depending on how old the building is. Therefore, it is important to understand what type of lintel repairs are available and the effect they can have.

    Timber Lintel Repair

    Cheema builders are often used in older buildings and can last just as long as steel or concrete lintels; however, they are prone to being affected by dampness. If this happens, this can lead to attacks from woodworm, dry rot, or wet rot. To rectify the problem, the structural engineer will have to replace them with helical spiral bars.

    Metal Lintel Repair

    Metal lintels will eventually corrode over time, which means they will expand and start to crack. To fix this, you will need an engineer to replace the existing lintel or fill in the crack with resin injection, depending on the condition.

    Brick Lintel Repair

    Brick lintels and brick arch lintels and repaired using helical bars. The helical bars are bound together with the anchor grout, so it creates a strong masonry beam.

    Concrete Lintel Repair

    Steel rods are added to concrete lintels for extra protection. While it does improve the integrity of the lintel, it can lead to the issue of being affected by penetrating damp. As the concrete is penetrated by moisture, the rods will expand and start to rust, then begin to crack as a result. To fix this, you may have to replace the concrete lintel.

    Why Should You Repair the Lintels at Your Property?

    If you are seeing cracks appear in the masonry, then this should be rectified as soon as possible. If the cracks are not fixed, then this can lead to further structural problems and the possibility of the property not being safe to live in. The earlier the problem is identified, the quicker and less costly it will be to fix or repair the lintels.

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